Project Overview

Located within the first of its kind 75 acres mixed use development project, Pioneer Square offers 650,000 square feet of contemporary, high quality, flexible office space, spreading across 9 floors. The unique feature of this development is its open courtyard, filled with colorful landscapes and fountains, which forms an outdoor focal point for the Entertainment Center, ideal for large scale entertainment and social events. The dynamic architecture helps support this future entertainment strategy, with surfaces and facades that allow for large scale, artistic, and commercial displays that entertain, and fill the adjacent outdoor spaces with color and light.

An expansive pedestrian promenade, situated at the edge of Pioneer Square is an ideal location for leisurely walks, and enjoy one of the many upcoming food joints.

Carefully designed, keeping in mind the interests of both the commercial and entertainment wings, each unit in the building has enough natural light. Elevators have been intelligently planted in the open entertainment spaces.


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